Thursday, January 15, 2015

Open For Business

Last week I wrote about my incredible brainstorm, starting up a weather store.  The best part was putting the kids in charge of the store.  I introduced the thought to the kids and they were thrilled.  We wrote a letter to parents asking for help to stock our shelves with inventory.  When our next Wacky Wednesday rolled around we had bags of good to organize and place.

If you have ever tried to be create a space with a group of 16 kinders, you understand that chaos will ensue. I like to refer to it as controlled chaos.  In order to keep me from losing my mind I set up committees.  As an adult, committees don't typically excite me, but you should have seen the ownership these kids took for their assigned work.  We had the following committees:  sorting inventory, making price tags, creating a store sign, and labeling the categories of inventory.  They were engaged, chatting with each other and making decisions about they best way to create their store.  As our time ended, the kids were thinking of all the different roles they could play in the store:  shopper, cashier, and assistant.  I can't wait to watch them enjoy what they have created.

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