Monday, April 27, 2015

Back to the Grind

It's Monday.  The one after April vacation.  I have to leave for work in fifteen minutes.  As I sip my coffee I am wondering; which students had a great time, who is going to need extra hugs, who had a breakthrough in literacy, who is hungry, who is happy?  There are a whole lot of standards I need to cover between now and the end of June.  The final assessments for the SLO must be administered in a few weeks, and there are still a few kids I need to "fix up."  The end of year madness, as well as the impending move to a new school loom over me.

But today, I shall embrace "love shows up."  I'm just going to adore all my kinders.  We will sing, and laugh, and tell stories and dance and have fun.  And yes, somewhere in the middle of all that joy, I'll sneak in the standards.

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